Islands - Albania

Sazani Island

Sazan Island is Albania’s largest island, measuring 5.7 km2. It sits approximately 15 km off the shore at Vlora and features mostly rocky shores, except for the magnificent Admiral Beach. In antiquity, this island was known as Sason, and it has long been a destination for divers and fishermen.

Franc Josef Island

Franz Josef is a small island located in the Buna River delta. This island is rich in waterfowl and other bird species. The island is also covered in beautiful lush greenery and provides a peaceful place to refresh and relax.


The Sandy Island of Kune

The Sandy Island of Kune has an area of 125 ha and lies in the Drini River delta. This island features extravagant and varied plant life, including everything from small Mediterranean shrubs to ash and willow forests. Island wildlife is abundant as well, boasting 70 bird species, 23 species of mammals, 22 reptile species, and 6 species of amphibians. Since antiquity, hunters have prized this island for its variety of prey. Located nearby, the secluded and private beach of Tale is also worth visiting.

Zvernec Island

Zvernec Island is one of two islands in the Narta Lagoon in Vlora. It is very picturesque and its landscape is dotted with beautiful cypress trees. The island is also home to the historically significant Santa Maria Church. Access to the island is via a wooden bridge, which offers spectacular views of the lagoon.

Ksamil Islands

The four marvelous Ksamil islands total only 8.9 ha when measured together, but feature some of the most unspoiled beauty in all of Albania. They remain covered in lush, green vegetation throughout the year, and can only be accessed by small boats. The clear water surrounding these islands makes the pristine beaches in the area that much more special.

Shurdhahu Island

Shurdhahu Island is a small, but picturesque island located in Vau i Dejës Lake. On this island, visitors will find the ruins of the medieval town of Sarda. It has also served as the residence of the prominent feudal Dukagjini family.

Maligradi Island

Maligrad Island is located in the Great Prespa Lake. It is frequently visited by boaters who come to enjoy the beauty of the varied fauna and the historic Saint Mary eremite church.

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